Hypersonic – the invisible light Hypersonic theory describes natural laws, which were found in the results of a number of diverse experimental studies for which biological sensors were used due to a lack of the suitable technical measuring devices (technological terahertz gap). In so doing, a new branch of physics was born upon the foundation of the standard model of physics: Hypersonic acoustics with specific laws and those which are already known from the fields of vibrational mechanics, hydrodynamics, optics and audiology.

Hypersonic as a carrier of information and energy demonstrates itself as the key to many phenomena which were not understood until now. It is identical with orgone, scalar waves, morphogenetic fields and magneto hydrodynamic waves. Electro smog is also hypersonic. High intensities of hypersonic are involved in the conversion of so-called free energy into usable forms of energy.

Hypersonic provides plausible explanations for phenomena of geobiology (water veins, earth radiation, reticules), for all phenomena in radiesthesia (sensitivity to radiation, remote viewing, the dowsing rod and pendulum phenomena, psi-tracks, ley-lines), parapsychology (extra-sensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance, thought impregnation and psychokinesis), in biophysics (orientation behaviour of animals, metabolism, growth and plant communication), alternative medicine (homeopathy, placebo effect, acupuncture, naturopathy), in neuroscience (learning, thinking, memory, dreams, hallucinations, hypnosis, near death experiences and apparent rebirth). Hypersonic also provides completely new points of view in sociology, psychology, evolutionary research and philosophy.

What and where from? The wave equation for movements of atoms in association with a crystal lattice has two solutions. In the acoustic area, groups of atoms move against each other in the form of standing long waves in ranges between millimetres and metres. That is characteristic of acoustic waves. In the optical area, the second solution to the wave equation, atoms move against each other at their own frequencies in the form of standing waves with wavelengths in the nanometre range.

These oscillations at frequencies in the higher terahertz range are unconsciously perceived by humans, animals (and even plants!). They lie above the ultrasonic range and are termed hypersonic. Between both ranges lie 9 orders of magnitude. Hence, there are serious differences between them: hypersonic obeys mechanic laws on the one side, but also optical laws on the other. Hypersonic always occurs when free electrons hit matter and release their impulses on atoms. Impulses and excited atomic natural oscillations are all the larger the higher the kinetic energy is which is transferred per electron formel (m: mass, v = velocity, e = elementary charge, U = electric potential). This means that the larger the number of electrons interacting with matter, the higher their velocity v, and respectively, the greater the potential difference U within the plasma.

There are three kinds of hypersonic sources: natural, technical and passively radiated objects with often possess extremely high amplifying properties. Natural sources of hypersonic have always existed, technical ones only since advancements in electrical engineering. An important natural source is cosmic radiation which releases electrons in the atmosphere, which in turn interact with air molecules. But also within the earth’s crust, electrons are released on mass in the glowing magma and quickly reabsorbed.  In addition, there are also hypersonic stimuli as a result of the decay of radioactive elements. Further sources in the Earth’s biosphere are: flames, lightning, meteorites, corpuscular solar radiation, flow processes in air and water, metabolic processes in the biological systems of plants and animals, also in particular in the firing of synapses within the nervous system. The strongest biological source of hypersonic is the human brain which during intellectual activity can effortlessly achieve peak values which are 100’000 times and more in amplitude of the natural environment.

Currently, the most powerful technical sources are magnetic resonance scanner with a hypersonic level of 6’400 dB, caused by the amount of direct current required to build up magnetic fields of a number of Tesla, followed by groups of more than a dozen mobile phone antennae placed on one roof with up to 5’800 dB. After this come wind parks. The hypersonic level created by the vortices at the tips of the rotors can reach over 2’500 dB when these fields overlap. Thereafter follow power lines, underground atomic waste sites, photovoltaic facilities (in particular those in unfavourable spatial arrangements) and nuclear power plants. Each semiconductor device inevitably creates hypersonic in its pn-junction. The hypersonic-performance created here is proportional to the transmitted electrical power in the pn-junction. This means that all electronic equipment in the home and at the office emit hypersonic: flat screens, tube monitors, PCs, TVs, WLAN-equipment, telephones, sound systems, receivers, dimmer switches, etc. The latter emit at particularly high amplitudes because electrons are accelerated through the entire mains voltage in their switching power supplies. The same applies to energy engineering equipment and equipment and antennae in digital communication: mobile phone networks, radio and television transmitters, radar facilities. All energy-saving lightbulbs emit extremely strong hypersonic fields with the spectrum of mercury. Types with neon light rods can reach hypersonic amplitudes which are only slightly lower than those created by a nuclear power station due to their geometry. Only incandescent lamps remain within natural levels with their hypersonic amplitudes and their homogenous nature of their emissions.

The most important characteristics

Hypersonic always appears in two configurations: as a coherent unmuted beam and as a structured field between the beams. When an originally homogenous hypersonic field hits an object it changes in a characteristic manner. The many elementary beams of which the homogenous field is made up “condense” as they go through a homogenous object. This is principally due to the inwardly directed radial transverse forces of each beam to each individual beam in every coordinate direction. Hypersonic fields are also always force field. The principle of equilibrium of forces applies in a hypersonic field.

The beams are modulated by the vibration profile of the penetrated object (so-called form resonance) and – providing there is no barrier in the path of the beam – have theoretically an infinite reach. Hypersonic beams always contain white noise, which the radial forces continuously take from the global field. As a result, a beam takes the spectrum of all the objects through which it passes. Hypersonic beams behave like solid objects with their own structure in the global hypersonic field, whereby the definition of subtle materiality has been coined for them. Exclusive hypersonic resonances and forces emerge between each 2 materially equal objects which lead to consolidation into larger units, a fundamental principle of nature. Liquid and gaseous materials form clusters and can pass through any external spectra. When plane parallel limits exist they can also store hypersonic fields in the presence of an external stimulus for an indefinite period.

Hypersonic of high amplitudes, though exceeding the dissociation energy, leads to the breaking of atomic bonds. In the case of even higher vibrational amplitudes, atoms interact directly with each other. In doing so, they are broken down into protons, neutrons and electrons. The consequences are atomic transmutations and the so-called cold nuclear fusion. The knowledge of the discovered laws of hypersonics is necessary for the realisation of important current objectives such as the use of hypersonic for the splitting of chemical bonds for the most diverse applications (increasing agricultural yields, water processing, pollutant disposal, disposal of radioactive waste, generation of Brown’s gas) and the conversion of so-called free energy into usable forms of energy. The most important contemporary task is that of finding sources of hypersonic fields which are dangerous to health and taking measures to reduce such emissions or immissions respectively. The battle against earth rays and water veins is as old as humanity itself. A new addition is, amongst others, so-called electro smog which already fulfils all the characteristics of an epidemic. Here, the hypersonic model provides not only the physical background, but also shows ways of eliminating it.

Reiner Gebbensleben                                                                                                Dresden, October 2014

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